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How to prepare for our meeting

What to consider when making a Will

Please make a note of anything else you'd like to discuss

Make a list of your assets

Include physical things such as cars, houses and jewellery; but also remember to include pensions, investments and life insurance policies.

There’s two reasons for this:

1. So that details are at hand to include them as gifts in your Will.

2. So that we can calculate what your estate is worth and to see if any inheritance tax planning is needed.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a spreadsheet ready for our first appointment though!

Making gifts

Make a list of which of person your assets, gifts or sums of money are going to go to.

This list isn’t always very long, it’s just useful to have thought about what you want to happen.

You might want to consider:

What would you want to happen to a gift if the person due to receive it had died before you?

If the gift is going to a child, at what age would you want them to inherit it?

Your residuary estate consists of everything you haven't specifically mentioned in your Will and is often the largest gift.

Choose Executors & Trustees

Executors and trustees are often the same people, but they don’t have to be.

Executors are responsible for administering and distributing your estate.

Trustees manage any funds or money held in trust - such as for someone under 18.

Choose people who are trustworthy and organised.

A beneficiary of your Will, can also be an executor. You can appoint your spouse to act alone, but you’ll need a reserve.

You should always ask a potential executor if they are happy to act.

Don't worry if you can't decide - I can help you to decide when we meet.

Think about your children

If another parent dies before you, it will be necessary to appoint a guardian for the day-to-day care of your children.

You also need to think about the age at which you would want your children to inherit (is 18 too young?)

Although you can choose more than one guardian, if you choose a married couple could it be complicated if they split up?

Do you want to appoint reserve guardian/s, in case the first is unable or unwilling to act?

Do you want to ring fence your estate?

You have more control over your estate if you ring fence it in a trust.

You can pass assets to your spouse in a trust and In doing so you can ensure that if you die, it will ultimately pass to your children (or someone else) after your partner’s death – even if they remarry or alter their Will.

Your partner can still use your assets (e.g. live in your share of a home), but they can’t alter their ultimate destination.

Funeral wishes

Do you want to specify whether you want to buried or cremated? Would you like to leave your body for medical research?

You don’t have to specify any funeral arrangements in your Will – so don’t let it put you off making a Will.

Many people choose to make their funeral wishes in a separate document (a letter of wishes) and make reference to this in their Will – that way you can change the document, without changing your Will.